Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More photos from Elder Martinez in the High Mountains of Guatemala

The scenery in which Lorenzo is seeing daily is magnificent.  I pray for him everyday to be safe, and from the looks of one of the pictures, I better keep at it.  Lorenzo, you are missed and loved by so many, and we are so proud of you!!!!!

Hike up a waterfall during a zone activity
Lorenzo's exact quote to his mom, "The Army of God in the Mountains!"  with his makeshift sword
This scenery is absolutely gorgeous with Lake Atitlan in the background.  Lorenzo loves this area and the people very much.
Scaling the mountainous jungles of Guatemala!  This one makes me a bit queasy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

High On the Mountain Top

Note from mom:
Lorenzo is in a new area called San Andres Semetebaj and loves it! It's high in the mountains of Guatemala in a very rural area next to Lake Atitlan. There are many indigenous people there, which he absolutely loves. He loves their humility, love for God, and their love for and devotion to the Gospel. There are some parts where the people don't even speak Spanish, so he is learning to speak some of the Mayan dialects. Yeah! It's the rainy season, so it is constantly raining - so much that that the little dirt paths turn into "streams," as he calls them. He loves the work and the people!

Here are some wonderful pictures of Lorenzo in his new area.  From the looks of it, he is working extremely hard and does not live in a luxury condo.  He looks refreshed and ready to work in one, extremely exhausted in the other.  

Preaching the Gospel in the beautiful high mountains of Guatemala.  
Is it bedtime yet?

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Lorenzo has been a part of our family since he and Scotty met in the 8th grade.  Since that time they have been constant companions until Scotty left for his mission.  I have grown to love Lorenzo so much and I know that Scotty loves him just like a brother.  They have been such great examples for one another, both holding to the iron rod, with their morals high and faith strong.  I am so proud of Lorenzo for the choice he has made and so proud of him.  I have been wanting to add something to his blog, and now he will be sending me some pictures and continue to write.  Please write only takes a few moments to let him know that you are thinking of him.  We love you Lorenzo!!!!
Jumping over one of the dirt paths that's turned into a "stream" because of all the rain!


Thanks for emailing me! I am so grateful for your support it really does help to have so much support it is amazing. Aw man the brigham city Temple is beautiful I was able to see the dedication in the Provo MTC. and boy that was a special experience. The prayer that President Packer offered to the Lord was beautiful and I still remember it so well. It was the first time I had seen a temple dedication and I can not wait to go there! What a blessing we have to be so close to the house of the Lord and so many have to travel so far.

  I told my mom on the facebook and I'll send you some pics ha but thank you for the care, you are such a great person and mother.

I that is great to hear that Jared is in Arizona and getting some work in, I can picture it so well. Thank you for the updates on Kait and  Cameron I wrote him a letter but he had already left so his family is just going to get it. But thank you so much for your support I am so thankful and you guys really are my family. Thank you! I'll be sending some pics time is supa short!

Elder Martinez
Lorenzo and his companion. You can see Lake Atitlan in the background.

Lorenzo at Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America
A hike to the waterfall during a zone activity

My First Letter from Elder Lorenzo Martinez

Mama Nette!

     Oh man! I would imagine that Jared is just super tall. Just towers over everyone, ha he was just super tall before I left! I can´t imagine now.  Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a good one pretty crazy to think that I am in my 20s now. 
     That is awesome to hear that story with Breck and how he knows that these things are true, I am truly grateful for that. I always think and hope that he can see the power of the Gospel. Thank you so much for your support Annette. I really was so happy to read this email and to see how much support you give me as your second mom! And know that you are definatley my second mom! keep writhing me! time is so short. thank you for everything mama nette!

ELder Martinez

Monday, September 17, 2012

Saying Goodbye and to the MTC

Lorenzo is currently in the Provo MTC, and a great time to send him a letter of encouragement.  He will be leaving for beautiful Guatamala on October 3rd.  Right now you can email him at:
 Elder Lorenzo Martinez
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 n. 900 e.
Provo, UT 84604
But the best way to write him is through 
This site will print up a hard copy of your letter and send it to him through a pouch that is delivered to the mission home on a regular basis.   

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mission Farewell...lots of Hugs and Tears

Lorenzo's Family put all of this together. Lorenzo is so blessed to have so many who obviously love him. 
Today many of us said goodbye for two years, to Lorenzo.  He is about to embark on one of the most important journeys of his life.  Lorenzo will be serving in the Guatemala City, Guatemala Mission for the LDS Church.  He enters the MTC this coming Wednesday where he will be polishing off the Spanish before heading off to the heat of Central America.  Here are a few pictures from the gathering after church.  If you have any that you have taken, please send them to me and we will add them on here.
Proud Mom!
Even pocket Adam made it to the farewell!

The food was amazing, as you can see by the looks of these boys!

Hi Scotty, we miss you, wish you were here!

What can be said about this...the photo speaks for itself!

What did I tell you about the food?

Breck loved the tortillas, and Cameron, he was very dapper in his suit!
Lorenzo, these people are here because they love you!

Gotta luv em!
Lorenzo's other mother!  (Scott's mom)

Not sure if Neil is bored, or tired of waiting for something to eat.
Cameron...why so serious?

There are a few more that I have taken, and will put on FB.  Now, we will wait to hear from Lorenzo via emails, which will be posted on here for everyone to read.  Thanks for coming today and showing your love and support for Lorenzo.